Friday, 24 June 2011

Open Doors W12: Pop-up art galleries in Shepherd's Bush homes

Open Doors W12 is a novel concept. They contacted me the other day and describe themselves thus:
"Open Doors is a series of themed exhibitions throughout London that take inspiration from the galleries postcodes. The galleries are very kind people's homes and the artists are talented people excited by the opportunity to make relevant art by using their medium to document the lives of a local community".
And in our case they are currently in W12. The idea seems to be to encourage local artists to exhibit using willing people's homes as unofficial galleries. The first one is currently at Galloway Road W12 for example and they say that "rumbles in the jungle" indicate that a second venue will be found soon.

Art lovers then pop along to these galleries and view the art. Simple idea, but very un-British. So perfect for the Bush, then!

Take a look at their website - I can't actually remember the last time I went to an art gallery so assuming I'm not alone this kind of guerilla artistry might just bring a few phillistines back to the art world and launch one or two locals on to the scene.

Good luck to them.

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