Sunday, 23 January 2011

Toby Young: opponents are bullies, liars and hypocrites

Andy Slaughter MP is labelled a hypocrite for having gone to a private school himself but being determined to deny others the same standard of education to others, by Toby Young, leader of the soon to be West London Free School in Hammersmith & Shepherd's Bush, in today's Daily Mail.

Slamming local unions too Mr Young points out that some of them are members of the Communist Party and/or the Socialist Workers - and themselves have educated their own children out of the borough, presumably in search of a better education for their own offspring.

After Mr Young's personal response to this blog on the issue just days ago it's clear that this is the start of a fully fedged fightback that is likely to pull no punches. Given our own Council's enthusiasm for the school as well you can reasonably expect the fireworks over this issue to be a dominant theme in the local news for months to come.

Just a thought though, was the choice of the Daily Mail really a good idea?!


  1. "Just a thought though, was the choice of the Daily Mail really a good idea?!"

    From his point of view yes because the Mothers of some of the children he hopes to attract will be readers of it. Along with the Telegraph and the Times of course.

  2. Toby young has no right to call anyone a bully. He had a conversation with a young writer on twitter. He started it, she criticised his lack of knowledge and told him sending home one of his students was racist. He wrote an article about her in the Spectator. The article cited her stalker as a victim of her bullying. The stalker was working with a violent local man- and after Tobys article the stalking went into overdrive. Because toby had written that she was a stalker, the police wouldnt help her. She begged the Spectator, gave them evidence of what she was saying. And even though they knew she had no protection from the police, they left the article up. Luckily the man assaulted someone on camera. Even after his arrest, and even knowing what had happpened the article is still up. It is still up.