Friday, 7 January 2011

QPR morons trash British Queen pub

A fan told of being "punched in the face" and being left "dazed" with "blurred vision" after being attacked in the street in Shepherd's Bush by a moron who claimed to be a supporter of QPR on this forum, one in a long line to report the trouble that occurred on Monday around the QPR Bristol City game.

I walked past the pub yesterday and it is currently being repaired after a group, presumably including some of the same idiots I was kettled with courtesy of the Metropolitan Police in September, decided to attack a group of Bristol City fans who were by all accounts quietly minding their own business.

A minibus and other vehicles were also attacked as fans left the stadium across W12 and it seems the Police had a hard time trying to ensure the safety of everyone because the trouble wasn't just confined to the pub.

A pretty humiliating day for the club and it's genuine supporters, on behalf of whom I know I can say sorry to those Bristol fans, including those who had brought children, who had what must have been a horrendous day in Shepherd's Bush.

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  1. As much as I abhor yobbery, having been to the British Queen I do have to wonder what difference thrashing it would make to it's normal state.