Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sponsor me, support Shepherd's Bush School Jack Tizard

Severely disabled kids in W12 need support and here's a way of contributing whatever you like courtesy of my forthcoming half marathon in Watford.

One of the toughest courses in the English running calendar my training here in Sri Lanka where I am for work is hopefully going to get me around, hot weather training plus altitude.

But here's a message from the School's headmistress Cathy Welsh direct to you, dear reader - please give what you can

Many thanks for your interest in making a donation to the Big Splash Trust.

The Big Splash Trust has been established to extend the use of our hydrotherapy pool to children in the community and to provide improved learning facilities for the pupils at Jack Tizard School.

We have a very aspirational vision for the future and believe passionately that children like those attending Jack Tizard should have good quality life and learning experiences.

If you chose to donate to The Big Splash Trust your money would be used to support children in the community use our hydrotherapy pool or purchase a piece of sensory equipment to improve our sensory learning environment e.g. a sensory wall or bubble tube either for use in the school or hydrotherapy pool.

Your donation would make a big difference to the life and learning opportunities of children with multisensory learning difficulties.

This School, next to QPR, quietly do amazing things without causing much fuss, and the recent publicity they generated by the opening of their new hydrotherapy pool by Prime Minister David Cameron, whose son Ivan attended the school, was probably the first time many of us had ever heard of them.

The easisest way is to donate with debit or credit card using Paypal here. I'm not using JustGiving this year because I found out they take 5% from each donation, which I thought was a bit much. But the school has agreed to keep a tally of donations and I'll feedback on how things are going.

If you could let me know either by commenting below or emailing me on shepherdsbushblog@yahoo.co.uk that would be great. In fact it would be amazing. And in return I can promise photographic evidence of my sweaty training runs and ultimate triumph. That's the theory, anyway. Thank-you.

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