Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New cinema in Shepherd's Bush for homeless, community groups & Bushers

Open Cinema have contacted me to publicise the proposed new film club they want to launch in W12. In fact the film club is hoped to progress into a sort of cinema that is used and supported by residents from Shepherd's Bush in co-operation with those groups supporting homeless people. Here's what they had to say:

"Open Cinema is a social enterprise that runs a network of community programmed film clubs around the UK. We partner with homeless support services, community groups and residents associations, helping them to set up and run high quality, engaging community cinemas that show them the films they want to see, introduce by famous filmmakers and exciting specialist speakers.

In Shepherd's Bush, we're partnering with the Church of St Stephen and St Thomas in Coverdale Road to launch a new film club at their community centre. This will offer screenings to local homeless people, local elderly people, and some general community events as well. The Church have already found a coordinator to manage the new film club, but we need a group of (preferably local) volunteers to help him out with general hospitality stuff, like making tea and coffee and handing out sandwiches, as well as chatting to visitors and making the film club a welcoming and friendly place for everyone involved. Basically, we want the film club to become a community hub, and we need proactive local volunteers to help us make this happen.

Volunteers should be interested in film, over 21 years in age, and preferably have some experience of working with homeless people, the elderly or other vulnerable groups. Anyone interested should email for an application form".

I'll be signing up and suggest you think about it too!

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