Friday, 28 January 2011

Rail replacement bus hell - a traveller to W12 writes..

"Today this station close" read the scribbled message on the board outside Hammersmith station on Saturday. Not a phrase to raise hopes of high-level communicative ability in either of the two members of staff standing alongside. "Buses all stations to Paddington" said the printed text underneath, before explaining in small type "Not stopping at Wood Lane. Calling additionally at Shepherd's Bush." You had to get up pretty close to read that, which suggests that whoever designs these posters is using an undersized font.

Read all about Diamond Geezer's round the world trip to Hammersmith via Shepherd's Bush from the other side of London - and then marvel at how, on providing this non existent embarassment of a rail replacement bus service, they managed to spend 8.2 million of your tax payers pounds on it, as I reported here.

...and take a deep breath.

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