Sunday, 9 January 2011

Toby Young dismisses Free School critics

West London Free School leader Toby Young has dismissed critics of his soon to be unveiled establishment as fringe hard lefties. Referring to them on Twitter he called them "SWP dominated Unions" - SWP being the acronym for the Socialist Workers Party, who are the folk you see shouting a lot about capitalism and handing out copies of the Morning Star every now and again.

I'm not sure the staff in the Askham Family Centre, who provide services to the most sensitive family situations you can imagine, would naturally fall into that category as they make calls about keeping kids in care or returning them to their parents. Late last year this blog revealed that they are to make way for Toby's new school, before it is moved to it's permanent home in Palingswick House, Hammersmith, displacing a further 20 + voluntary sector organisations providing services to vulnerable people. The school has already recruited a Headteacher.

I'm also not sure that given the outcry this has already provoked locally young Toby is making the Council's PR strategy a whole lot easier for them either!

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