Sunday, 30 January 2011

Londis Goldhawk Rd apply for 24 hr booze sales

Londis on 20 Goldhawk Rd are irresponsible in the extreme. They have applied for a license to sell booze until 2am, presumably in the knowledge that the area is already beset with alcoholic people who routinely make the residents' lives a misery.

I don't live in that part of the Bush so I have no personal interest in opposing this, but having attended numerous meetings to hear stories of children being sworn at, gardens urinated in and the detritus of booze and drugs discarded in the surrounding streets I would wonder at any councillor in Hammersmith Town Hall daft enough to vote this through.

To make matters worse the residents of Pennard Road were not notified of the application despite having specifically signed up to the Council's much vaunted online "alert" system. The rearguard action is being fought by Pennard Road Neighbourhood Watch man Chris Noonan, who is not happy either at the prospect of more boozed up behaviour or the fact that the alert system has proved not to work.

I'm told that the deadline for opposing this move is 15th February. And I'm also told that the self same Londis is currently being investigated for selling alcohol to under age children. So just the sort of people you want trading intoxicating liquor at all hours, then.


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  1. Londis applied for a late licence until 2 am, not a 24 hour licence and in my view I don't really see what the problem is. There is already a 24 hour off licence at the other end of Goldhawk Road (Total Petrol Station) and there are two 24 hour off licences right by Shepherd's Bush Green (plus a few more not too far away), so Londis serving booze until 2am wouldn't make any difference when alcohol is already available ALL night at other nearby premises. This information was taken from but they only list 24 hour off licences so I have no idea about off licences that are open until 1am, 2am, 3am etc. but I would assume that there are probably loads of them locally already.