Monday, 31 January 2011

Boris Johnson criticised for taking cash from Iran

TfL is taking money from the Iranian regime in return for adverts promoting the propaganda channel PressTV. The channel, which is the mouthpiece of the Tehran Government for the English speaking world has similarities to our own Council's propaganda sheet "H&F News" in the sense that it only reports the views of the regime in charge.

It has recently been under the spotlight for airing a "confession" in order to justify the Iranian Government's decision to stone a woman to death for adultery, among other things.

Fellow blogger Daryl of the 853 blog covering Greenwich asks some searching questions about the Mayor's willingness to deal with some very shady people indeed. You've got to wonder whether allowing legal loan sharks Wonga to sponsor new years eve only to recoup the cost by taking money from the Iranian Government is really where London should be positioning itself.

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