Tuesday, 4 January 2011

"My Hammersmith" are copy thieves

Roifield Brown (pictured) is a thief and shyster who runs a series of websites, which are part of a family called "myvillage.com"

Basically these websites, with their variants of "myhammersmith", "myshepherdsbush" and so on nick other people's content and parade it on their site as if it is their own. They then hope that people will click on the numerous adverts plastered all over the website and therefore make them money. Even better, they want people to pay for advertising space on their websites too. Here's the latest nicked article which they try to pass off as their own.

Just so you don't think I'm being unreasonable I have been in email contact with Roifield Brown since Christmas time asking him to stop stealing content from this site. He's agreed to do so but has now stopped answering me - and carries on anyway. So this is a last resort.

They also steal content from the Fulham Chronicle who may also wish to take the issue up. If they wish to do so his email is boss@myvillage.co.uk And yes, that really is his email address - he describes himself modestly here on his website as "big (scary) boss man" - more like snivelling (little) crook. Fellow blogger Darryl who runs the excellent 853 Greenwich site recently had to resort to publicly embarassing "big scary boss" Roifield into not nicking his stuff so here's hoping this works for me too. The best bit is that this article will appear on their site too, via their automated content-stealing feed.

And Roifield - if you don't now stop stealing my content - this won't be the last expose and it won't be the last place it appears. That will be all. Ahem.


  1. How many public humiliations will Roifield have to endure before his crappy, has-been websites sort it out? I'm enjoying the sight of stories about Wivenhoe, Essex appearing on his Southwark site after Onionbagblog upped sticks and moved :-)

    It's Darryl, by the way, not James - I might make a good James, though... ;-)

  2. oh, bugger. How did I get your name wrong?!?

  3. knew him from school - never was too bright