Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tube fare hike: screaming Tube workers & upbeat Mayor

It's the annual "slap in the face day" for Londoners today as we confront yet another record busting tube hike - a monthly 1-2 zone travelcard has leapt by the best part of a tenner which is what most Bushers have to buy.

So I thought two videos were apt - first of all a wee reminder of the Union goons who frequently walk out demanding more money or as, with the ASLEF strike on Boxing Day last year triple time and more holidays. This guy decided to scream at a pensioner getting on a train and quip that he'd like to see him "under a train".

And now Boris in his New Years' message - full of hype as usual but not even a mention of how he's decided to fleece us all again. And this from the Mayor who pledged he'd put a stop to strikes - of which there have never been as many as under his watch.

Happy New Year!

0930 UPDATE: Upon getting out of the Tube at Stockwell where I work I was struck by the "good news" screen which usually says "good service" against all the lines even if they are anything but. This morning the Jubilee, Northern and Picaddilly lines all had "severe delays" written next to them and I just heard that Bank station has closed access to the Northern Line. Double Happy New Year!!

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