Monday, 29 November 2010

Tube Strike: Boris's pledge & your journey to work

Well, here we are again then. I'll be driving in to work today after doing the school run and therefore probably spending at least 1.5 hours each way sat in traffic. But at least I have that option and won't be struggling to squeeze on to buses or the remaining trains. Here's some tried and tested pointers for getting to and from the Bush this morning:
  • If you can, use the Overground - it doesnt get affected by the strike and will get you from the Bush either to Clapham Junction in the south or all the way over to Stratford in the east in an arc across North London. From stations like Highbury & Islington you can get trains in to the City (to Old Street)
  • If you have to use the bus try and use them from the start, near their bays in Westfield if they go from there. Trying to get them on the Green is pointless and people get aggressive in the queues.
  • The central line itself is usually running an OK service but only after about 10am based on the last 3 strike days. I've no idea why, but assume its something to do with what union the drivers are members of. Equally the Northern Line has also run but with some stations closed. So if you can leave later you might want to try that. But go to the Bush instead of the outlying stations like East Acton or White City - which may be shut altogether
  • Don't bother even trying the H&C line - both the station and the line will be shut, the drivers on this line are among the most militant of the lot
Hope that's helpful and leave more tips in the comments below if you have any. And just for old time's sake you might want to have a trip down memory lane with Boris Johnson's election leaflet (above) when he promised Londoners he'd put a stop to all this.

In it he attacks Ken Livingstone, of whom I am no fan, for having presided over two strikes per year. This year alone has seen double that and Boris has yet to meet the Unions at all. You may wish to bear that in mind as we near the Mayoral elections.

1330 UPDATE: BBC London News have just had Boris for an interview during which the above leaflet was produced and he was asked about how much progress he'd made. He avoided answering at least three times and in the end said that he wanted Stephen Hammond the Transport Secretary to intervene and ensure that ballots for strike action have a higher threshold before strikes can take place. He also confirmed that he hadn't met anyone from the Unions himself since taking power three years ago. So no progress at all then.


  1. I have to say that today, as with the past couple of strike days, I have found the H&C line to be fine. Shepherds Bush Market and Wood Lane were both open today, as they were on the last couple of strike days. TFL said that it would be open from Hammersmith and Baker Street but by the time I was off to work at 8am this morning it was running from Hammersmith to Moorgate, with Paddington closed. Touch wood it'll be as easy on my journey home.

  2. yes, someone just tweeted that - great news and good luck on the way home!

  3. The other way to get to the City is Overground to Imperial Wharf and then river taxi to Blackfriars. This worked well (if slowly) for me last time, but this time the Overground is having a nightmare with trains cancelled left, right and centre.....

  4. Same happy experience here on the H&C Line. There were a few pickets outside Hammersmith Station giving passengers a bit of lip and claiming that they were striking to keep fares down, but the service through to Moorgate was fine.

    I'll start the journey home in about half an hour, I hope this goes as smoothly.

  5. good to hear - I'm back in the Bush already but then I cheated with a car! Good luck