Monday, 24 January 2011

MyVillage apologise for stealing content has reported on my battle with Roifield Brown, chief of the content thieving site, who present other people's content as if it was their own. And Mr Brown is eating serious portions of humble pie this time, with this quote:

"I hold my hands up that when some bloggers have asked for content to be taken down over the past year, it has not been taken down promptly and that is my fault.

" is actually a much smaller business than it appears in terms of staff and some emails from bloggers requesting that their content stop being taken went to old email addresses of staff who had left the company. I was unaware that the emails had been sent, so the requests from bloggers unfortunately were not dealt with.

"However, I think when we have taken parts of content from another site it is pretty clear: the source is shown, there is a link to the rest of the post and there is a date. We do not claim to have originated the content at all."

No Mr Brown, you don't specifically say "this is not our content" - you just present it as if it was. And as for not receiving emails, well ..... But leaving that piece of spin aside, Mr Brown goes on to say:

"We like local, we like people's local opinions and we apologise if we have upset anyone as this was not our intent,"

Good. Don't let it happen again.

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