Friday, 14 January 2011

Loftus Road ruckus over midnight roadworks

Angry scenes on Loftus Road earlier this week as an electricity cut led to pneumatic drills being noisily brought on to the road around midnight and then being started up at 2am.

A number of you it seems didn't sleep on Tuesday night as a result of what seems to have been an example in how to put the needs of contractors first and residents very much second third and last. The Twitter hashtag used by some Shepherd's Bush residents to talk to each other and share updates started buzzing in the early hours with complaints about the noise, and requests for people to call and complain.

The next day however there were reports of police having been called as tensions between the contractors carrying out the late night roadworks and frazzled residents threatened to boil over. Some residents have complained that the contractors were belligerent and didn't seem much to care about the fact that an entire street was being kept awake on a work night, and that the police themselves were more interested in allowing the work to go ahead than anything else. However others have pointed out that one of the contractors was actually attacked by an angry resident.

I have put in a call to the Police for their version so watch this space but in the meantime add your comments if you have any below.

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  1. We had the same thing here in W4 on Wednesday. I imagine that there must be a good reason for it unless Scottish and Southern Electricity have embarked on a new wealth creation plan through overtime.

    I could shoot the foxes but probably wouldn't get away with electricity workers!