Tuesday, 4 January 2011

"unfare" campaign launched by Ken

Labour candidate for Mayor in the 2012 elections Ken Livingstone has been out and about this morning highlighting his opposition to Boris Johnson's hike of tube fares which has hit us all in the pocket. Again.

You can sign a petition opposing his fare hike here, but bewarned - the real purpose of the petition is not to change the policy, anyone can see that's not going to happen, it's so that the campaign team can email you propaganda between now and the election relentlessly!

And I seem to remember fare rises happening under Ken too, if I'm not mistaken - not to mention the Western Extension of the C-Charge which he is pledged to re-introduce if elected.

1300 UPDATE: Well there must be an election in the offing, one of Ken's supporters, Alice Perry, who describes herself as a "Labour Activist" from Islington on Twitter has commented below. She describes how she would be "happy" to receive Ken's propaganda - which is presumably because she'd be the one sending it out. I guess we can expect more of the same as we get closer to the 2012 election..


  1. Some fares have gone up 44% since Boris became Mayor. This is unacceptable. Fare increases hurt the poorest the most. Also since the axing of the WEZ public transport users essentially subsidise motorists. This is insane - no wonder London is in danger of missing clean air targets. I'm going to sign the petition and will happily receive "propaganda" for Ken's team. Boris has been a useless Mayor and doesn't deserve to be re-elected!

  2. perhaps that's because on your Twitter page you describe yourself as a "Labour Activist" from Islington?

  3. http://twitter.com/#!/GoteamAlice

  4. Ha, keep up the good work Chris!