Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Roadwork fines money spinner for Council

Pravda reports this week that the Council has "slapped" £500 per day fines on utility companies constantly digging up our roads, who have "coughed up" nearly £700,000 already. Aside from the amusing use of language this has got to be good news.

Richmond Way in Shepherd's Bush is now one of the most dug-up roads in London, with Thames Water being the chief culprit. And those of us who keep losing our water supplies courtesy of the same company are not inclined to be too upset at the prospect of them being fined like this.

But I do have a question which Pravda is curiously silent about - where does this money go and what is it used for? Surely this 11 year old boy migfht have his own views about what nearly three quarters of a million pounds might buy.

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