Saturday, 30 October 2010

QPR toppled from Championship throne

Cardiff City today completed what they've looked like doing for a long while now, with a win over Norwich compared to yet another draw for Rangers to take top spot. You can't complain too much about being unbeaten for the entire season but I'm afraid if you're after automatic promotion to the best football league in the world then you'll need to start winning games as well as drawing them, Neil.

I think we're all still pinching ourselves that this isnt another season looking like a brush with League One, although the Weird One has been making his usual unhelpful interventions about how he'd like to sack Neil Warnock to replace him with an Italian. Remember how well that went last time? Thankfully Mr Strange received a fairly public and blunt northern rebuff from Mr Warnock in response.

As I had my traditional post-deployment haircut down at the excellent John's Hair Fashions barbers on Uxbridge Rd this week the barber in chief had this to say: "They've got to start winning again. simples." The same barber used to actually play for Rangers in the 60s - and he talks a lot of sense to this day.

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