Sunday, 10 October 2010

Andy Slaughter returns to frontbenches

Our MP Andy Slaughter has just been promoted to the front benches by new Labour leader Ed Miliband to take on the role of Shadow Justice Minister.

I report this only because it marks a full circle for Andy who resigned back in January 2009 to go into the wilderness of the backbenches over his own Government's position in favour of an extra runway for Heathrow Airport. That sort of decision is never easy for an MP.

I praised him at the time because the effect of another runway would have been to radically increase the level of noise pollution in the Bush.

He campaigned against the runway from the backbenches against many in his own party, including his own predecessor as our MP Clive Soley, now a member of the House of Lords.

So well done Andy.


  1. Inotice also that Phil Woolas MP has made it into a shadow minister post as well.

    Andy Slaughter is in very good company.

  2. Yep just check this about Phil Woolas MP - and to think it is thought by some people an honour for Andy Slaughter to join this man in part of the Labour "front bench"

    Personally, I think Andy Slaughter should be ashamed to be associated in any way with Phil Woolas.


  3. Hello Anonomous - I have to say I havent followed the Woolas story very closely but I do know some fairly unsavoury things seem to have gone on up there.

    I think I'm right in saying that a court is going to decide soon whether or not Phil Woolas even stays a member of parliament so it does seem odd that he is on the front bench as you say but I equally dont think that therefore means anyone who joins him there is somehow themslves guilty by association.