Wednesday, 28 January 2009

in praise of Andy Slaughter MP

l_2afd9674-0973-dab4-b9ef-92d4d826c93f Andy has just resigned from the government over Heathrow. Now I am probably one of the worst carbon emitters in Hammersmith & Fulham because my job entails regular travel to Africa and Asia but even I can see the short sightedness of continually expanding the airport.

Lets face it Heathrow is crap. In fact its a national embarassment. Given the choice I would use Luton or Stansted but they dont take long haul. And there is the point - expand yes but not at Heathrow all the time. Even though I live in West London the route from Stansted or Gatwick is just as convenient and if I was going to central London would actually be better.

Andy supported our local campaign to stop TFL ruining our local street. His actions today are clearly those of a politician with his eye on local opinion, but he deserves a huge vote of appreciation for making the sacrifice he has today.

Andy's letter to local constituents is here


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