Thursday, 28 October 2010

Back to Shepherd's Bush: Uxbridge Road dug up again

From being awarded the dubious status of having some of the most dug up roads in London, I see our claim for next year's title is in full swing with new roadworks having sprung up right in the middle of Uxbridge Road. Jolly good show!

I saw this as I walked down the road feeling like a zombie after a near-24 hour journey back to the Bush from south east Asia yesterday. So much so I actually missed the full council meeting last night so don't have a report after all - bugger that jetlag! Please don't forget I do this blog in my spare time and sometimes I just run out of it.

I will however link to all articles that do come out of that meeting who I know will be written by the full time hacks who will have gone. It was shaping up to be a big one but I already kow all of the decisions will have gone the Council's way because they have such a large majority on the council. Rest assured I will be following in particular the Market story, including some interviews with the key people involved.

Good to be back in the (cold) Bush.

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