Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lawyers set to gain from Council merger

Lawyers are set to profit from the merger of our own council with those of neighbouring K&C and Westminster, says The Lawyer Magazine. At least those that are members of a consortium supplying legal services to a number of local authorities are concerned. The London Boroughs Legal Alliance, LBLA, is a collection of legal firms who supply exclusive services to councils at special rates.

So far from this being a story about evil lawyers coining it in at public expense this is actually quite a good thing for the taxpayer it would seem, as the inevitable legal expenses that get incurred by local authorities are pooled and therefore reduced.

And the antics of our own Council at the moment as they seek to overrule another local community with a developer in tow, this time of Shepherd's Bush Market, seems set to ensure a steady supply of legal cases for a long time to come, so just as well.

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