Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Wendell Park drugs bust!

I am taking the day off today because I'm off to another far flung conflict zone for work again at the end of the week - so where do I go but the fabulous Wendell Park play area for kids with one of my offspring. And what do I see, amidst the kids playing on the swings ... a drugs bust!
It seemed to be a bunch of teenagers smoking dope, which is hardly the stuff of The Wire but what I was struck by was just how many police seemed to be involved for a group of no more than four young lads with two pushbikes. The Police came with a sniffer dog, a meat wagon, two panda cars and about six officers!

It was all very civilised - even the teenagers just stayed sitting down and made no attempt to escape. Another day in the Bush...

1 comment:

  1. It happens the whole time. Its as if they are stuck behind their desks for so long they are literally busting to get out. Put on the sirens chaps lets get someone else.