Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shepherd's Bush: Council to strip out traffic lights

Shepherd's Bush Road will lose traffic lights as our Council is the first in London to seize the opportunity - ahead of everyother of the 31 councils across London - of a consultation put in train by Transport for London to allow authorities to remove unwanted lights.

As the Mayor of London's answer to Lib Dem Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon makes clear, it seems our Council's keeness to do away with the lights, surpassing perhaps the notorious stripping away of speed humps by their Tory counterparts in Barnet, has caught even TfL on the hop, read both the question and answer below.

Proposed removal of traffic signals

Question No: 3222 / 2010

Caroline Pidgeon

Please list all boroughs in London which have agreed to the removal at traffic lights at all sites proposed by TfL.

Answer from the Mayor

TfL has not yet met all of the London boroughs to discuss the individual traffic signal sites proposed as potential candidates for removal but many have been receptive to the general principle. These discussions are therefore on-going.

To date, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has undertaken a public consultation on a site on Shepherd’s Bush Road and it has agreed that the site should be removed. Other boroughs, including Brent, Ealing and Westminster, have been receptive to the concept and are looking at alternative/additional locations where signals could potentially be removed.

Signals will only be replaced with other measures on borough roads if the borough decides that is what it wants to do. Local consultation will be undertaken in all cases before a final decision is taken.


  1. But which ones?

    There's loads of traffic lights on Shepherds Bush Road.

  2. Pedestrian ones near cafe rouge and tescos, possibly ones up near minford too.

    Can't have pedestrians getting in the way of the all important motorist. It might speed up traffic flows by 0.00001%. Cos obviously Hammersmith Broadway is never blocked. Nor Shepherds Bush Green.

  3. If H&F lose a set of lights outside Tesco in Brook Green it could make life easier. The replacement of lights with a mini roundabout outside Acton Town station (Ealing council?) has eased the previous traffic jams remarkably.

  4. Life isn't all about reducing traffic jams.