Friday, 22 October 2010

Bus Bomb kills 9 people near me

I'm writing this blog from a conflict zone in South East Asia this week. Thats the power of the internet, it makes location irrelevant. All of which is fine but then something like this happens to remind you that you really are in a very different place.

I tend not to talk about this side of what I do on this Blog, it is after all not relevant to the Bush, but every time I have a run in with something like this I always think its worth sharing if only to remind people that all problems are relative.

I've been spending a week here working with people who in some cases put their lives regularly on the line just to build peace. One woman, similarly aged to me in her early thirties calmly explained to me how her parents were assassinated when she was 8 years old as part of this, one of the longest running conflicts in Asia. She's dedicated the rest of her life to understanding what made the killers of her mum and dad do what they did and how she can stop it happening again at considerable risk to herself. Humbling.

Back in the Bush on Weds next week - can't wait. Till then I have some conflict resolution to do. Adieu.

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