Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Gunfire at Shepherd's Bush station

Uxbridge Road is closed to trafffic and SB Market station has been closed after what police are describing as a "serious incident" without releasing any further details other than to say the gunfire took place at around 1600. No victims have been identified as yet and there really isn't a great deal else to report just now.

It's a mess traffic wise almost anywhere in the Bush at the moment.

I've put in a call to the central Met press office and will report more as and when. The only observation for the time being is that this is becoming more, and more and more common round these parts.

As ever in these circumstances, if you know anything else share it with your fellow Bushers via the comments


  1. Thanks for posting, was wondering what was happening. When I left work there were heaps of people at the bus stop outside the Pavillon including one guy with his pants down and a PCSO. Gotta love the Bush!

  2. And today I see this on the tfl website:

    H'smith & City line
    Severe delays are occurring due to request of the police earlier .

    Tickets will be accepted on local bus services.

    What is the world coming to...