Saturday, 25 September 2010

Armed police arrest men in Bush

Adelaide Grove W12 was the scene of an armed arrest yesterday morning. Two men were taken into custody after a stand off that included actual violence between the two men who were leaving a flat at around 0930 an the police that had arrived to arrest them. Although initial reports described shots being fired the police have confirmed that this was a form of gun that is used to disable cars, nobody was actually being shot at.

I first picked up on this on twitter with several of you asking about armed police in Shepherd's Bush yesterday, and although very curious I was frankly too busy to look it into it. The Chronicle, which never gets delivered locally but has its stories on a website here, has a good piece on the whole thing.

Once again the local police press operation was woeful with no information being provided "unless asked" and even then hardly anything. Cheers rozzers. As ever, if you know anything else or have personal experiences to share please use the comments.

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  1. Last Sunday firearms officers attended an incident in Coningham Road at about 7pm after a gun had been fired in a disturbance amongst a group of young people. On Monday a flyer came through the door from Operation Trident asking for witnesses.
    The next day H&F Homes sent an officer to see to the securing of the property at the centre of the disturbance (an ongoing problem for more than 2 years) along with police officers...I'm guessing they were the Safer Neighbourhood Team, but could be wrong. I spoke to one of them and he knew nothing of the incident the day before.
    I believe not only do they not talk to us, they don't talk to each other.
    On the other side of London I've heard of separate surveillance by local police and Drug Squad officers on the same property, where neither knew the other was at work in the area.
    On one occasion of a disturbance I just missed the SNT office hours and was directed to the central police number where I was curtly told to 'leave a message' with SNT... in other words they weren't interested in dealing with the problem - I couldn't say a crime was being committed, although youngsters were quite openly displaying weapons beneath their jackets to each other.
    (I was sorry to have been proved right in that knives and or guns were going to be used eventually because nothing was done to nip it in the bud.)
    SNT, local police and firearms officers all do a great job but there seems to be no communication, (as opposed to Council Antisocial Behaviour unit who do their best to co-ordinate measures in their own area of responsibility.) Maybe it's just down to time? Or a snobby hierarchy among officers with firearms at the top and SNT at the bottom?