Thursday, 7 October 2010

Goldhawk Road Inquiry: Council supported

The Goldhawk Road development that was opposed so vociferously by residents and halted by the Government in order to be reviewed has been allowed to go ahead.

Regular readers will recall that this development, which will reshape the face of this part of the Goldhawk Road with new flats, has already resulted in the loss of around 200 local jobs with the departure of Innocent Drinks and involved a high profile local campaign headed by John Humphrys among others. The decision was pushed through at this bizarre meeting, which was like something out of Stalin's Russia.

Visited by Labour figures during the general election campaign the residents themselves used the election as a campaigning tool, and I would venture to say that the way in which they were simply dismissed by the Council was a big factor in Top Tory candidate Shaun Bailey failing to win his seat in Parliament.

His own criticism of his fellow Tories over their handling of the scheme cut no ice with the locals who otherwise may well have done so. Their campaign was entirely funded by some neat local fundraising, including local benefit concerts to pay for their barrister.

Speaking at this summit Council leader Stephen Greenhalgh commented that there were "lessons to be learned" from the debacle - as well he might given the summit was chaired by local BBC presenter John Humphrys who'se own submission against the development had been publicly dismissd as "misinformed" at the Stalin-style meeting.

Even Pravda seems to have been chastened by the affair, reporting here that the Council has been successful but without any triumphalism. I hope this is the last example of residents being steamrollered by this Council, but given their wide ranging plans to redevelop large parts of the Bush I suspect it won't be.


  1. What precisely is new since last September? I cannot see any reference to a recent event that has changed the situation since that planning meeting. Or have the bulldozers started on site?

  2. Anyone have any idea what is happening to the old Costcutter on Askew Road... lots of work going on inside. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous 1 - the iunquiry has found inn favour of the council so it will go ahead. thats whats new
    anonomous number 2 - no idea but will find out!

  4. Thanks - always good to know what's going on on the ever-changeable Askew Road.

    Always think of it as a bit of a bellwether for the economic health of the area and even the country...

  5. So 4 out of 4 in favour of the Council then! Look out Shepherds Bush! as it is the first in the firing line for "regeneration" in H&F. Look at the core strategy for White City Opportunity Area. More is yet to come. How many more people does the the council think can be crammed in? Where is the evidence that the area can cope with more? Is the council simply a property development company in sheeps' clothing?