Wednesday, 23 September 2009

John Humphrys weighs in on Goldhawk

john-humphriesBBC presenter John Humphrys, one of many who live in the Bush, has made his feelings known about this proposed redevelopment ahead of the Council meeting tonight which will decide the fate of the Goldhawk Road industrial estate. He is no stranger to this sort of intervention having previously criticised previous changes to the environment around Ravenscourt Park, in particular allowing late night events to take place there. His letter is below:

I am surprised and dismayed at the plans proposed for the Goldhawk Road Industrial Estate. I have lived in this area for 25 years and regard the estate and the businesses it houses as a considerable asset to the neighbourhood.

My own personal association is with the Sound House, where I have been recording programmes ever since it came into existence more than twenty years ago. It is a classic example of a small business that has grown to maturity in the area where it was born. It meets local needs as well as bringing in both national and international clients, thus enhancing the status of Hammersmith.

All residential areas need a mix of domestic homes and businesses if they are to prosper. The Goldhawk Estate makes a vital contribution. It provides employment not only for the tenants and their staff but also promotes the use of local amenities such as shops, restaurants, hotels and taxi companies.

So much for the positives. The negatives will be familiar to everyone who lives here. In short, the proposed development is totally unsuitable for this restricted site: far too many new homes in an area that is already struggling with parking and congestion problems. It’s hard to imagine where all the additional cars will be parked, given that on-street parking can often be a nightmare as it is.

I am wholly opposed to this development and I hope my opposition - along with that of so many others - will be registered.

John Humphrys

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