Friday, 11 September 2009

Uganda violence

KampalaComplete radio silence on this blog for at least the next few days am afraid. There has been serious violence here which started last night and is still carrying on as I speak not far from the office.

we're probably going to leave the office quite soon and go back to the compound - which doesnt have internet access. The riots have kicked off again this morning. most of Kampala was a no-go zone yesterday and it may get this way again today. Reports say between 4 and 7 people have died thus far, all having been shot. We could hear shots being fired from the venue so quite a backdrop to what we were talking about really at our conference which was about preventing armed conflict.

We can hear shots now outside more towards the centre of town so its obviously still quite tense. Over and out.

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  1. I heard about this this morning as I was waking up in Helsinki - which felt a long way from Kampala - and thought of you - came on here to leave a message here to ask, but then that felt a bit pointless. Glad you weren't caught up in the worst of it.