Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Loftus Road killing: Accused "hunted like a pack"

craig_brownThe four men accused with this brutal murder which took place on our streets at christmas time last year have started their trial at the Old Bailey. Each is accused of murder but the prosecution cannot say which of the four actually fired the shots that killed Mr Brown. They all deny the charges.

The prosecution's case makes depressing reading on two levels for me. One being that any explanation of what led up to the murder was always going to be bad, but on another level the sheer pathetic nature of it is what leaves me wondering how anyone could be that stupid let alone so callous as to kill an unarmed person by repeatedly shooting them in a street.

Craig Brown, it is alleged, had been involved in some kind of fist fight with one of the gang who lived in Hammersmith. During this fight he bit or somehow injured their ear. Their pride dented they obviously decided the best next course of action was to go and kill him.

And this is what now happens on our streets with increasing frequency - either involving guns or like here or here with knives. The common thread isnt just the act of killing someone, its the fact that it always seems to be about something so incredibly dumb. And if you need anymore evidence of just how dumb, here are our very own W12 thicko crew.

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