Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Super Sewer - do we have one already?

The view from Furnival GardensJudging by this report from the Guardian today the Thames in West London, including in W12 and W6, is already acting as a very super sewer, with 20,000 (yes twenty THOUSAND) tonnes of raw sewage having been disgorged into our waters over a short period in July because of heavy rain. Barbecue summer it was not.

I still think Thames Water have to stand condemned for having put profit before people by selling the one place that could have sited a perfectly useable sewage treatment plant without infringing on Furnivall Gardens. They sold that site to property developers to be turned into penthouse flats and are now demanding access to our parks as I reported here to turn them into entry points for the proposed new sewer.

H&F Council, who have run a campaign against this proposal are coming in for some heavy flak for their stance from other parties, with the Labour Opposition claiming that H&F are exaggerating the impact the new treatment plant would have and the Liberal Democrats claiming that the sewer should be built as a matter of priority.

With these sort of figures I dont think there is any doubt for the need - it will be interesting to see for how long H&F can now hold out against the tide, and a very brown tide it appears to be.

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