Thursday, 10 September 2009

Disabled "treated like animals" by H&F Council

Our esteemed local authority has had bad write ups from the Standard on a couple of occasions now, most recently in this article. Wednesday's edition was just as damning with a story about how the cuts the council have been making in order to realise their much trumpeted council tax reductions have actually impacted on real people, this case the disabled.

Do we really want to save a few extra pounds a month each for this sort of thing? The Council won the legal battle but they've lost the all important one in the well cliched "Court of Public Opinion". But we can look forward to seeing our council in the firing line a lot more, they seem to be 'pioneers' of the sort of experiments the national Conservative Party want to see. Today's speech by George Osborne reported by the BBC here to local councils specifically holds Hammersmith & Fulham Council up as a shining light.

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