Monday, 28 September 2009

Council at war with Boris over congestion charge

borisIt's fair to say there is now no love lost between our Council and the London Mayor, the two Tory administrations having clashed publicly and repeatedly over issues including the chopping down of trees (the Council want to the Mayor doesn't want them to) the Thames Tideway Tunnel (H&F don't want what they call the "super sewer" the Mayor does) and now the scrapping of the western congestion charging zone (H&F have attacked the Mayor for delaying its removal). Arguments between former lovers can be nasty affairs.

I am at the Tory party conference next week for work. I remember very well being at a campaign meeting for Boris at the Conservative party conference before the Mayoral election and seeing Boris publicly single out Stephen Greenhalgh, our council leader, who was in the room for praise. Now though it appears they have right royally fallen out and dont speak to each other, only about each other and in not very flattering terms.

The relevance of this is that this is bad for us. What does or could it mean for the Bush, and for our Borough in general, for the Mayor now not to be on speaking terms with the council, who only seem to attack or disagree with him these days? I shall report back from Manchester next week with any signs of a thaw between the two men that between them wield so much power over our neck of the woods.


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