Monday, 14 September 2009

Super Sewer: Brown stuff hits fan on thursday

The view from Furnival GardensAn applicable title for where I am in Uganda at the moment, although I'm happy to say its died down now. But as I watch the brewing storm from afar over the Thames Sewage issue I can see some more brown stuff flying in W12 before too long. This thursday at 7pm to be precise.

The situation seems to me to be thus:

  • Hammersmith & Fulham Tories (who lead our council) are dead-set against the proposed 'super sewer' as it will blight Furnivall Gardens. They have been campaigining against it for a long time now.

  • Hammersmith & Fulham Labour (who used to lead our council until the last local elections) say the Tories are scaremongering and that the sewer is necessary.

  • The Lib Dems are less prominent locally on the issue but London wide are calling for the sewer to built immediately on the grounds of the ecological damage the current situation is doing.

And on that note, its worth pointing out that I've been passed some information from one of the above parties which illustrates that sewage issued into the Thames sticks around for a long time. A very long time. The problem is that the Thames acts like an estuary rather than a fast flowing river. And the bottom line is that the sewage generally takes 80 days to get to the sea! That's a lot of poo for us to live next door to. But is there an alternative solution?

This thursday there will be a meeting in the evening at Hammersmith Town Hall which is open to the public. The meeting will involve both the Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh and Thames Water. Expect sparks to fly. I'll be going along and hope to see some of you there too. Report will follow.

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