Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What is the point of the BBC weather service?

And why are we paying for it? Not content with having got their predictions for this summer in England completely wrong, I am currently sitting in an office in Kampala, Uganda where there are clear blue skies and a sun that is already very hot (its only 9am).

Imagine my surprise then to check the BBC weather service this morning which reports 'current conditions' as being stormy thunder showers with lots of rain. They couldn't be more wrong - and thats not even predicting anything, just accurately reporting the present that they can't even manage.

I mentioned this to my colleagues here who just laughed - they long since stopped using the BBC because it never gets it right. CNN and several other services have it completely right today and are apparently far more reliable. All of which would be by the by - were it not for the fact that we are taxed to pay for this completely pointless service!

Hereby concludes my rant.

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