Monday, 18 October 2010

War on derelict properties!

There is a house in Devonport Road Shepherds Bush that has been derelict for some time but has just been done up. Good stuff but the reason to bring this to your attention is that for any of you that live close to one of these shells of houses, of which there seem to be a lot in the Bush, you will know that among other things they attract rats - and that is a favourite subject of mine for good reason. Looking at these before and after pics the difference is clear - and very welcome indeed.

Derelict houses don't just look terrible they bring the area down for everyone else, so Councillor Harry Phibbs - Cabinet Member for Community Engagement - is, er, engaging. He wants to know about any other such properties in the Bush that need looking at and I'm happy to help pass this on. You can contact him on his council details here directly.

When I spoke to him last week about this I raised the issue of a house in Wormholt Road W12 that is quite literally falling down, and he replied by giving me both an update and asking his officers to update him further - all of which is top notch community engagement so full marks to him for that and for sorting out the house in Devonport Road.

He might even replace Cllr Nick Botterill as my favourite local Top Tory if he carries on like this.

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  1. Very interesting post - there seems a lot of room for improvement in some of the properties around here. Will keep the eyes peeled!