Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Uxbridge Road Stabbings: two injured

Up to 35 youths were involved in a mass brawl near West Ealing tube on tuesday night, with two teenagers having been taken to hospital with stab wounds. Police suspect a gang connection of some kind and it comes just weeks after local Acton boy Sofyen Belamouadden was murdered in Victoria station. He was 15.

I appreciate this incident is out of our area but I think it relevant since its highly likely it involves our local gang who usually seem to be involved in tit for tat incidents of this kind up and down the Uxbridge Road. These are the people who killed Kodjo Yenga nearly two years ago on Hammersmith Grove just off the Goldhawk Road.

It's clear to me at least that the police alone cannot hope to get a grip on this because you can't stop it just by arrresting people. They are clearly not worried enough about that to host their violence in the middle of a main road just metres away from police stations. One thing defeated Tory candidate Shaun Bailey did have was a lot of ideas about this, working as he does with kids of this age and with these kind of problems. I hope he does get some kind of role in the near future where he could offer that kind of insight into what we do about this problem, which only seems to be getting worse.

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