Monday, 7 June 2010

Moped danger

What is it with all these kids riding hairdryer-engine powered mopeds and scooters up and down pavements and roads in Shepherd's Bush this summer? I haven't seen it in other areas of London so it seems to be something peculiar to the Bush, at least in the very large numbers that seem to be involved.

This weekend a reader of this blog was knocked off their bike in Sawley Road by one of these idiots and suffered a combination of broken bones, chipped teeth and grazes. Not the most serious road accident in the world - but it could have been. The youth in question just got back on his hairdryer and rode away, and the police weren't interested.

They also weren't that interested in rogue cyclists until the Deputy Borough Commander had to answer for it in front of a residents meeting last year - then it quickly rose up the local policing priority list. That's how it works, you see.

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