Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Murder on Askew Road

Some of you have been in touch about a murder that was apparently committed on Askew Road last night. Details still sketchy and the mainstream local press have not picked it up yet, but the Police have closed the road and are conducting inquiries.

Unconfirmed reports, and I stress this is what people are saying on the streets rather than factual reports from the Police, are that a man in a house which was being used as a crack den was stabbed to death with a screwdriver.

Nice. Here are some photos sent in by a reader of the scene thus far. As with previous reader-generated news stories like this, please add detail via comments and I will update as things develop.

A reader wrote in to say: "Askew Road is closed on a short stretch from Starfield Road to Bassein Park Road and back to the old Sun pub. Policemen on duty don't know whether doctors surgery is open, or how to get round the road block. You can go round Wendell Park, or cut through via Landor Walk".

1100 UPDATE - Police have released this short statement:

Inquiries are underway after a death in Shepherds Bush.
" A man was found collapsed in Askew Road W12 at 1pms on Wednesday June 9. He had been stabbed.
" The man - thought to be in his 20s - was taken by ambulance to a west London hospital where life was pronounced extinct shortly after arrival.
"A post-mortem will be scheduled in due course."

1200 UPDATE: Police have confirmed that they will be setting up an incident room in the vicinity later today under detectives from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command.
1600 UPDATE: Four people have been arrested in relation to the murder, three men and one woman who are now in custody at more than one police station across west London.
1630 UPDATE: The Metropolitan Police have just released this advisory notice to government officials and other public services. I have obtained a copy, it's just the bare bones but in the spirit of keeping you up to date:

A murder investigation has been launched following the death of a man inShepherds Bush early this morning.

A 29-year old man was found collapsed in Askew Road, W12 at 01:00hrs onWednesday 9 June. He had been stabbed. The man was taken by ambulance to a west London hospital where life waspronounced extinct shortly after arrival.

We believe we know the identity of the man. Next of kin have beeninformed.

A post-mortem examination will take place tomorrow, Thursday 10 June, at Fulham Mortuary.

An Inquest will be opened in due course. An incident room has been opened under DCI Howard Groves from theHomicide and Serious Crime Command. Officers arrested four people this morning - three men and one woman -in connection with the investigation.

1750 UPDATE: Police have confirmed that no murder weapn has been found and that the victim was 28 years old. Further details of the people arrested are: three men (A 57-years-old,B 37-years-old, C 31-years-old) and one woman (D 42-years-old) inconnection with the investigation. No further details at this time.

10th June UPDATE: A shrine has grown up at the site, the victim's mother has left a personal tribute and crowds remain telling the police about their fears for the area. A dark day for Shepherd's Bush.

11th June UPDATE The victim has now been identified by the Police as Jaabe (pronounced Jay-be) Roberts(13.6.81 - 28 ys), of Edith Rd, W6.


  1. Part of Curwen Road was also cordoned off this morning as well. Don't know if it is related to this incident though.

  2. If all us residents can see drug dealers operating outside certain addressees in the area, why do the police allow them to operate openly every night of the year? addicts scourge the area by burgling us year after year, and when caught red handed are not prosecuted!!!! This area is blighted by crime and nothing is ever done!!!

  3. We should think about using this blog to put pressure on the police to shut down these houses where obvious crimes are being committed. If we put addresses and photos up in the public domain (ie here) the police / council wouldn't be able to ignore it.

    It is your blog Chris... what do you think? Worth seeing what happens?

  4. Excuse me.

    Police in Hammersmith and Fulham and the boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow which this location backs onto, do a great job.

    When it comes to prosecutions, things like actual evidences permissible in court come into play and ask the CPS why so many obviously guilty people are not progressed past arrest into courts, people always seem to blame the police but it isn't about what they do, they do their level best in the face of rising criminality and cannot be everywhere and cannot be blamed for what occurs after they have done their bit in arresting criminals.

    One minute people are screaming about too much CCTV infringing civil liberties, too many police interfering in society/communities, then next minute saying not enough police and more needs to be done, can't win can they.


    Perhaps if people stopped screaming about CCTV infringing their civil liberties, this coalition government wouldn't be cutting down on it and areas of high crime would get the high resolution cameras needed to counter such areas as mentioned with decent evidential CCTV footage admissible in courts to convict these people, you can't have things both ways, more tolerant and easier for criminals of more authoritarian and harder for criminals and decent citizens stop whinging as though they've got something to hide, i'm fine with CCTV surveillance and don't have any problem with it.

    However much i am Lib Dem and socialist, i do think CCTV is a part of tackling crime which is too complained about and too under rated as to it's value, if anything it's underfunded where high resolution cameras need to replace more basic units which show incident situations but low resolution doesn't allow for court admissible identifications not face mapping tracker software solutions in tackling criminals, i'm quite Liberal thank you, but i believe in being hardline with criminality

    - - -

    Yes, this isn't good is it but while people seem to jump to conclusions, this could be over a falling out over a girlfriend/wife, gambling debt, any number of reasons why some nut job pulls out a blade and stabs somebody, so lets not jump to conclusions.

    It may well have been drug related, but equally could have been anything, people have been killing other people for the most unfathomable reasons since the dawn of sentient humankind, so please keep it real, ay.

    And remember this sort of crime doesn't happen as often as some may think when seeing the many incidences spread across the entire country or London area concentrated in the news bulletins every day, London and England are large places, put into context this is ararer than some may come to believe because of modern media coverage.

    No need to panic, society is not going up in flames because this happens close to you occasionally, as said, H&F police are very proactive and do a great job.

    So please, keep calm, keep things in perspective and context, don't freak out about it.

    Paul Lawrenson. aka Pax-Delta-Pan

  5. Hi Chris - do you know anything about the Askew Road Resident's meeting this evening at Greenside Primary school? Do you have the details (and is it tonight?) Thanks, Alex.

  6. If you have nothing to hide, what is wrong with having CCTV around? If I ever get mugged or worse, it would be nice to know that the criminals were caught on camera and perhaps prosecuted as suppose to letting them get away cos of lack of evidence and witnesses etc
    I live off Askew Road, guess I better be more careful from now on. . .

  7. Tom - I really don't think naming and shaming people on this blog is a very good idea. And you should also be aware it could open you up to legal action - which would be the reason I would delete the comment! I don't censor anything on here which is why comments appear straight away but I would have to make an exception for that sort of thing I'm afraid.

    It's clearly a very worrying thing which provokes a lot of anger and emotion. I live nearby and there are schools minutes away from the scene. Its only recently I stopped finding the detritus of drug taking round the corner from the nursery one of my kids used to go to - so believe me I understand the emotion.

    But as another commenter said, lets take a breath and consider things before turning to what would be a form of online vigilante-ism.

  8. I live off the Askew road and am frequently harrased in one way or another.

    It does now feel the the area is now a lawless zone.

    There are so many drug deelers and crack dens - that it is so blatent !!

    We need the police and comunnity to work together to make the area safe again

  9. I live in the area and I have noticed a change in the crowd hanging around here for the past couple of months.
    This crime is a shock to as all but doesn't really come as a surprise. I wish they could close off the drug dens, the betting shop round the corner and the cheap pubs around.
    That would make Askew road a lot safer. It is such a lovely road with a real sens of community and we have allowed the drug dealers and users to come and spoil it.
    I do agree with all of you, we need to work with the police to ensure that Askew road becomes safe again.

  10. @anon - 16:59 Any other interested citizens.

    Liase with your SNT to get more involved, civil minded citizens are welcome to help interests of their community, also in terms of neighbourhood watch groups.

    Contact list...

    Similar info...

    Cadet corp for youth interested in being part of the solution...

    H&F Met Police page...

    Be part of the solution, not the problem, don't let them get away with it but equally don't put yourself at risk of harm, affirmative action by concerned citizens intervening is postitive as long as not being unlawful yourself and not in a vigilantist context.

    Observe and report crime ASAP, always assess personal risk before intervening but if one can help a fellow citizen in the moment, please do, united we stand, divided we become victims, that is how thugs and criminals derive strength, unite and be part of the solution, but lawfully. Links are there, get involved.

    Stay safe, be well.

    Peace. : )

    Paul Lawrenson. aka Pax-Delta-Pan

  11. @ Chris.

    Sorry, seem to have double posted, could you delete one example of double posted and this post please.
    Sorry to be a pain chap.



  12. One local press site was actually surprisingly quick at picking this up.

    As a local to the incident, I was woken by the police helicopter overhead at about 4am, was only told by those onsite when I popped out to look that the area was a "crime scene". Heard first report on LBC at about 7am, and by the time I had to leave for work at 8am, the Chronicle had a brief report (above, since developed a lot more, of course). Maybe one of their journos lives Askew?

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  15. I have lived in Askew road for 15 years and I have never had any problems;
    If you do mix with drug dealers you will have the above problems so no one should blame the area or the police;
    it is so simple if you do not want to be killed to do not mix with drug dealers;

  16. i knew him personally for many years. saw you about 2days ago riding your bike on the way to the gym. too many lives lost at the hands of another person. whatever the reason im pretty sure it never warranted murder- typically the case.

    R.I.P- JB aka BLEMS.

  17. "If you have nothing to hide, what is wrong with having CCTV around?"

    a) it's a technical solution to social problems - no amount of CCTV will reduce poverty or provide a future for the long-term unemployed
    b) it's a form of corporate welfare that enriches the companies that make it, who seem to have a rather too cosy relationship with senior policemen who in turn have a rather too cosy relationship with my taxes, through something called ACPO
    c) it's nowhere near democratic enough in implementation, which on its own is why better regulation is required
    d) it's of dubious effectiveness in any case, although given b) it's very hard to get this into people's heads. It won't do much to stop things like domestic violence, for instance, which is far more prevalent than street violence, but isn't on the street. Not much good against banking fraud either, or any other crime generally committed by white men in suits.
    e) it's an easy cop out for politicians rather than doing the difficult stuff like knitting the police properly into the neighborhood so they get the feel of what's actually going on and are trusted - since this involves paying money to human beings and attention to soft stuff like community relations and multiculturalism instead of corporations and tabloid-friendly woofing it's decidedly out of fashion.

    Basically, do you prefer a policeman walking down your road regularly using his eyes and ears or a minimum wage jobsworth sitting in front of a screen somewhere ordering PCSOs to harass anyone with a camera?

    Finally, remember that when Boris Johnson or whoever crows about 'freezing the GLA precept' what they really mean is 'cutting funding for the emergency services', since that's mostly what it funds.

  18. Tom.

    You are welocme to your opinion.

    But i think you are very misguided, i could counter everything you said with cogent arguement you'd be hard pressed to oppose, but i can't be bothered as i can see where and who you've been influenced by, reiterating several arguemnts from 2 main souces, it's blatantly obvious.

    I simply say, you are misguided and in my opinion, plain wrong.

    Peace. : )

  19. Pardon typo's made by irked inputting.

  20. there is cctv up and down askew road above the probation office on askew road with goldhawk road cctv, above the cost cutters there are two cctv, and there are countless cameras on the side of buildings, infact there are so many cctv's in such a small street i thought living round here there must be a hell of a lot of criminals and weirdos who need to be kept an eye on why else would there be so many cameras, no it's not so they can raise another 18.000 thousand pounds in parking fines the council is not vindictive or authoritarian it's there to serve you ask them the next time you go and buy youre parking permit.
    and as for paul who says cctvs are good and im a lib socialist so was stalin and hitler they loved watching what there enemies sorry citizens where doing so they could punish them for doing it and paul aka pax delta pan can you leave youre address on here so i can come and fit cctv in youre toilet as the police say must drug activety takes place in toilets and if you are just goin about youre buisness in the toilet why do you need your privacy if you are doing nothing wrong whilst taking a dump, whats the problem its not you im looking for its the law brekers, ow you don't like the idea of someone watching you MAKE YOUR MIND UP

  21. I'm going to leave this comment as it is because it says a lot more about the person who left it than anyone else - but any more like that will be deleted.

    There is absolutely no point whatsoever in being abusive, and it won't be tolerated on this blog.

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  23. The way sociality is becoming with so much killing of shooting stabbing I wish there was more CCTV on our streets estates of London. At least like that we can get the people who do those kind of things of our streets , in to jail where they belong .

    I feel for his mother his family.
    A Drug dealer, or drug taker or not , his life is still valued still worth something.

    We can all keep on gossiping assuming what we like about a sub culture of society that are more at risk of being stab shot if one hangs around with people who take drugs it should not be excepted as part of society that one has higher death rate , then if one never hang around in that sub culture of society of drug culture.

    The love a Mother has,
    Runs so very deep.
    That love is so special,
    It's in her heart to keep.

    A Mother's heart is broken,
    She is ripped apart inside,
    There is a part of her missing.
    It left her when her child died.

    So, please don't tell me to get over it,
    For this I cannot do.
    Unless you understand my feelings,
    And this has happened to you.

    Only another Mother, who has lost a child,
    Can understand my pain,
    Because they also suffer daily,
    As the memories of their child remain.

    We are a band of Mothers'
    Whose hearts can never heal,
    For the loss of our children,
    Is for us, so very real.

    My son was shot , murdered Fulham Court .

  24. I feel really scared now, I'm moving into that area in about two weeks. Is it really bad? Will people bother you for no reason, are they aggressive or will they keep themselves to themselves? Is it really that much of an unsafe area. I know that murders happen in a lot of places :-S the area I live in at the moment isn't great but most people just keep themselves to themselves. Does the area have a high crime rate?

  25. Margaret thank you for sharing that with us, it was very moving.

  26. the guy who rents his flats to these drug dealers/users has blood on his hands a child could have got caught up in this mess how would he feel then, i don't know how he can live with himself bringing these people in to our comunity.can you hold your head up now or are you still only interested in your bank balance

  27. Dont assume you know what happened or why it happened, and dont presume you know what he was all about. He was someone's son and no one deserves to die like that.

    He deserves enough respect in death to be mourned properly by his mother, without all these assumptions and gossip plaguing his her memory and her grief. Think about her pain for 5 minutes.

  28. I entirely agree. Think about her.

    She has just left a tribute to her son which you can see at the top of this site now.

    There's a time for debates about policing and drugs and all the rest of it, but maybe not now.

  29. lol @ whoever said what Tom stated reflected his person, clearly Tom is a well educated and well informed citizen of this country and if we had prime minsters like him who recognise and accept the problem for what it is the country would run far more smoothly then it is

    i find it amusing that people think cctv is the solution to the problem,there is cctv everywhere and the camera cant jump out and catch you,and if your streetwise the camera would never get a shot of your face, so what is the use of cctv ? As for the police force and the courts " I hear a lot of talk about JUSTICE BUT I'VE NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN IT" HAVE YOU ?

    where there are people there is poverty where there is poverty there is violence and drugs, and where there is violence and drugs there is death. SO POVERTY IS CLEARLY THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM reduce that, reduce crime, it goes hand in hand. They should be spending the 67 million pound on reducing child poverty in this country rather then sending it to Afganistan

    Nobody has the right to take someone elses life, to steal someone's right to live, to steal a families right to love, so regardless of the circumstances nobody had the right to do this.

    RIP all those that were STOLEN from us TAKEN, I know too well what this family is going through and my heart goes out to them



    ooh i forgot we have Westfield that's going to generate lots of money in this poor community and they pay for the extra police force aswell, SO SOCIETY SAYS NO ITS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE IF YOUR RICH AND POWERFUL, BUT IF YOUR POOR AND POWERLESS YOU AINT GOT A CHANCE

  31. Being poor does not mean one powerless, one need empowerment why assume that money is knowledge, knowledge is power not money, money will buy you Materialistic thinks, but it will not empower oneself to have knowledge.
    We need education keep kids who feel they live property in schools to better themselves with education inspire them.

    Don’t forget what happen in Kensington Chelsea, very wealth areas


  32. Have you ever had to go for days without eating because your parents cant afford to feed you, wearing shoes that dont fit because even though your parents work they cant afford to clothe and feed you at the same time, this is what these children live with everyday now try telling them that knowledge is power and that money only buys materialistic things uuh duh its the food they need and the shoes to be able to go to school to gain the knowledge that will empower them.

    the first webpage, lol if it had been a poor working class man he would of been shot in minutes not 5 hours
    and as for the second web page you gave its outside an estate which is poverty in its rawest form (in this country) and west kensington might be considered a wealthy area where you come from but ask the residents and see if they come to the same conclusion, where you see wealth you see poverty

    poverty as defined in the collins dictionary the state of lacking adequate food or money,
    powerless as defined in the collins dictionary - without power or authority; unable to act

    so now if your without power or authority, unable to act and lacking adequate food or money doesnt that make you poor and powerless ?

  33. To the person who is moving here I would say that It isn't a bad area, mixed of course but lots of young families and plenty of good people to chat to, friendly shop keepers. But there are clearly drugs being dealt locally and we see drug addicts on the streets. However the only regular hassle I ever get is from the old black guy who asks for 35p ( never more never less) as you leave the co op - come to think of it I haven't actually seen him for a while.

    This is a very sad event for the area but any solution to drug addiction has to be bigger than just closing crack dens and moving the problem somewhere else. Lib Dems had some interesting ideas about the tragedy of drug addiction before the election, it'll be interesting to see if they survive the coalition.

  34. You do paint a bleak negative imagine of poverty in England, I would go on to say that England welfare state benefits is the best in the world and being on benefits at one point in my life in the past as a single parent with 4 children , my children never went hungry had shoes to wear to go to school, there also school grants.

    I could never afford the designer shoes or trainer that my son wanted me to get him while at school age like his friends had, so my son ended up getting into crime following his friends, would not listen to me, compared to how his sisters went to collage one of them ended up with a Master degree in Sociology is now on an income that take her out of the so called poverty trap. My son was so proud of her, was always telling kids in the estate not to get into crime like he did keep going to school .

    Some children listen to parents other don’t , all children turn into adult making their own choices in life in what road to go down to in making money to gain t all those materialistic things, that they never had in childhood .

    We all perceive thing with a different perceptive on life on what is the real meaning of poverty is, being poor to me is someone living in the 3rd world not in England. I was only making an example with those links that one can still live in a wealthy area or not still have people shooting each other mugging each other buying drugs off drugs dealers or taking drugs themselves, it’s a sad reality of life. You not 1001 percent safe in whatever post code one life in.

    ( It’s a very interesting discussion, my spelling grammar are not so good nows days have not got the energy to proof read it. So I do hope my reading is readable )

  35. I agree with the person about the landlords. This landnord knew that he had drig users and dealers in his flats. How come nothing is done to the landlords for knowing he has those as tenants. I used to live close to it and you would see them delivering drugs in the day in plain view of the public yet nothing was ever done. The lanlords are only bothered about the money he gets in housing benifits for the tenants and has no intrest to the local residants that his tenants are drug users and dealers.

  36. I lived there all my life until i moved away 5 years ago and i can 100% say i will never go back either. The whole place has completley changed it used 2 b a community but that was a long long time ago, even though i still have lots of friends from askew road i just would never feel safe there again.

  37. Lowlife killing lowlife - why should the rest of us have to put up with this behaviour in out midst?

  38. I lived in this house but moved out a month ago due to a lot of people who uses drugs in this house there are about 5 rooms nd there is two floor on the top floor is another 5 rooms. this house and the people living there were kinna good people when they wasnt high!

  39. now that the police are under pressure from this completly predictable event they might start listening to residents who have been telling the police about the crack around here and maybe we in Starfield road won't have to put up with the happy types that infest our street waitng for the dealers to pop out of that house in askew road to feed them there misery and stealing and urinating outside our homes are we really sad that the crack house has come to an end and that money grabbing second hand junk seller of a landlord is being shown up for what he is .

  40. Hi Chris,

    Apologies for a slightly inflammatory comment (09/06 14:26). Certainly wasn't suggesting online vigilante-ism or anything illegal. Just thought something along the lines of

    Appreciate this wasn't the right forum or time for that sort of suggestion so again, apologies.

    Tom B

  41. i have lived on the askew road all my life. i am now 33yrs old. i have three children of my own and i would never ever let them go down the askew road! it is full of junkies and street robbers! i used to know everybody down askew road, and unfortunately some off those junkies are old childhood friends, it breaks my heart to see them up and down the road selling stolen gear so they can feed their addiction. i also remember young jaabe coming into the area when he was 15yrs old. now i walk past the junk shop in which he was killed in, and a tear comes to my eye,thank god that i had the knowledge not to get involved in drugs and crime. i could have easily gone down that road with the rest of my local friends. life is what you make it but it is also full of temptation which some of us cant always find the strength not to give in, so weekness takes over. it is a shame what has happened to the askew road but its even worse when peolpe make comments such as low life killing low life! i thought we were all human beings. i dont want to mix with these individuals but i would never be happy that someone lost their live, what about his family! do you not think about their fellings,and you know what, one day it could be one of yours or mine or a friends family member that gives into temptation and ends up killed.jaabe roberts was what he was, a son, a brother, and a human being. so god bless him and his family, amy they have the strenght of god to help them through this...

  42. thanks for all those who have defended Jaabe. i was close to him and his family Jaabe always stood up for his friends and family, he would have put his life on the line to defend us. so RESPECT Jaabe roberts and keep his spirit alive. RIP . m.a.c

  43. Jaabe this is terrible nothing is rite about this, and all these negative comments aint doing ur family any good. Ppl i knew
    Jaabe personally and he was da most nicest person u cud eva meet yea he did the things he dun but he neva deserved this, and neither did his family. Everywer u go now days theres been a killing and theres no excuse for it, the goverment the police the community all need to take a stand and make sure all these killings stop, we cant even say that it was young ppl hurting eachotha coz this tym now it was a man who was grown dat was supposed to be a friend who didnt take a second thought into snubbing out anotha young mans life, i hope justice is served. I knew both of them and grew up around them im so sorry it has come to this, and all my love and positive energy go out to the Roberts Family at this very Sad time R.I.P Jaabe AKA BLEMS xxx

  44. respect the robert family, this is a terrible thing that has happened to them. they are left to pick up the pieces now,and when everyone gets on with their lives and eventually forget about jaabe, they will still be suffering. but hopefully they will worry no more about jaabe coz he is actually in a better place than you and i,and he is safe. god bless.

  45. I am one of Jaabe's cousins who lives in the United States in Philadelphia. I only met Jaabe once, back in 2005 when I was in London with my mom, dad and sister, on vacation. I met him on the day of our uncles wedding. After that I didn't see him again for the rest of the vacation. I just joined facebook in 2008 and we talked on there sometimes. When I heard about it, i was sad. But I am continuing to keep his family in prayer and Jaabe I know that I will get to meet you again when Jesus comes again.

  46. For Jaabe's Family xx

    *♥~†~ONLY THE BEST~†♥*
    A heart of gold stopped beating two shining eyes at rest, god broke our hearts to prove he only takes the best, god knows you had to leave us, but you did not go a lone for part of us went with you the day he took you home to some you are forgotten to others just a part of the past but to us who have loved and lost you the memory will always last.

  47. In the West of the Borough we have been having problems with the Council putting in a forest of new parking posts to avoid parking appeals - at least 1 in every bay. They have put zone I on hold to reconsider, because of outcry, but seem to be carrying on elsewhere. To find out more about what has been happening visit

  48. Any lost of life is sad and my thoughts are with his family and anyone who was close.
    I also knew Jaabe and he was a nice guy but he was also a heavly addicted crack addict that robbed and did all the horrible things these drugs turn you into.
    I live near askew road, its been like this for AGES and it is shocking, how many junkies you see and it seems only common sence tells us that where there is a build up junkies, dealers have to be close and that means crack dens. It also means our houses and cars get broken into and some of us robbed.
    I make my kids avoid askew road for fear of them being subjected to some kind of abuse.

    The police say they are happy with the way in which they have dealt with the policing of the area but in truth there is only 1 reason why it has been allowed to get so bad.
    Why does it have to get so bad and lives lost before anything is done.
    ki you will be missed
    sorry I couldn't save you cous

  49. at night time i see drug dealers going in to a conner and i see them from my bedorom i see them TAKING the drugs and also selling them i see the poepel every week i think that you should set camras up in, EVERY alli way every caropark or any place that etier has a ead end or could be a good hideing place the govment has the money i mean the have the money to build buildngs and send on other stupied things if i was in change london could become a safe and better place where no stabbin goes on or no voilents. You no one day when i was 9 i saw a girl waiting for her fatehr a man grabed her and ran lucky anoth the man got cought and the girl was in stabel conduishion well thats it so MAKE LONDON A SAFER PLACE!

  50. more CCTV Camras in london in

  51. Jaabe, i just found out brov and my heart is bleeding!
    no matter what people have gotta say about you i know the real you, the funny, caring family guy! You wanted out I just wished I could turn back time and come and got you, maybe you would still be with us now!
    Your always be my sleeping solider, fallen angel! love always cuz your south london solider sky and fam xx

  52. I had no idea I was moving to such a terrifying place and am shocked by this blog. I was under the impression that this area was improving and was a safe environment to bring up small children. I haven't yet moved into my new home but I look forward to putting up the 'For Sale' sign at my earliest opportunity.
    It is very sad about the untimely death of such a young man but surely it's not surprising for a crack addict to die this way when involved with drug dealers and crime. He must have been aware of the risks he was subjecting himself to. I feel for those he left behind suffering his loss.

  53. my partner and I are thinking of moving to the area around Askew Road later this year. We have a young baby, and are expecting another, who we want to bring up in a safe community (although we also wanted to avoid a snobby area with a lack of diversity!). Is drug-dealing still a big problem around this area, or have things changed in the last year? Thanks for any advice!

  54. No it's a lot better now, in fact the unit in which the murder took place re-opened as an award winning boutique butcher recently!

  55. Does anyone know why so many people seem to be selling in this area? I have been impressed with the recent changes on Askew rd (including the wonderful bakery and the award winning boutique butcher the ginger pig)and am keen to move to the area, but I'm a bit nervous about the volume of 'for sale' signs. Anyone have any ideas? Anything to do with the BBC relocating perhaps, or is it just small families moving to bigger places...?

  56. yeh, i dunno about that. think the bbc might be leaving and the area might be losing the bbc residents - i no two who are leaving - one lives on cobbold road one lives on jeddo - not sure thouhg