Thursday, 10 June 2010

Thames Tunnel/Super Sewer consultation

The Thames Tunnel public consultation is due to start in September 2010, giving all interested parties a chance to have their say. I reported here that folks at the GLA have been expecting plans to be submitted soon so this is the next step in that process to build a sewer that will stop houses in south Shepherd's Bush and Hammersmith being at such risk of being flooded with raw sewage and the Thames being inundated with poo.

I've also reported, at some length, our own Council's fight against this project which I began by supporting and called on you to support too because I believed what I was being told about the prospect of Furnival Gardens being ripped up and turned into a giant building site. It turns out, however, that the Council knew that that was not the case but they chose to use our money to tell us it was true anyway.

We've had meetings at which the Council set up Thames Water to be pilloried but ended up being criticised by residents instead, but then the campaign reached the extraordinary peak of them warning that residents faced being made homeless by the project. This was soon dismissed by the Mayor who, along with almost every other Conservative and Labour Council along the river, support the scheme. So quite some drama thus far, and you can expect more I would imagine.

Phase one of the public consultation will last a minimum of 12 weeks, opening with a rolling , two-week programme of localised exhibitions. A special project website will also invite feedback online.

Thames Water spokesman Phil Stride says this:

“It is important for us to have a meaningful consultation with all those who might be affected by our proposals for the Thames Tunnel.

“I understand that some people may be sceptical (he's talking about our Council) , but I can reassure everyone that this will not be a ‘tick box’ exercise.

We will genuinely listen and will be prepared to modify our plans in the light of the comments we receive.

“The Thames Tunnel will bring many important benefits for the river and for London, but our key task on the project is to meet the requirements of the Government, who have to ensure that the UK complies with the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive.

“Before we launch the public consultation we need to brief the new ministerial team at Defra on ththe detailed status of our proposals.”

There will be a further round of consultation, prior to the submission of planning applications.

You can pre-register for the Thames Tunnel public consultation at

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