Monday, 14 June 2010

Greenfest this Sunday 20th June, Furnival Gardens Hammersmith

After the horrendous events of last week it's a relief to write about something that underlines, actually, how lucky we are to live where we do. Greenfest is one of the summer staples of a W12 diary, or it should be, and this is down in no small part to the local cycling group, H&FCyclists, that help put it together.

A family day out where visitors can meet environmental and community groups, and each other. Plus a lot more - stalls to buy interesting and suitable stuff, great food and music. Held in a beautiful setting beside the river in Hammersmith at Furnival Gardens.

Organisers say there is much to look forward to, including:

"Your chance to meet many environmental and community groups and see how you might give yet more meaning to your life. And find out how to save energy and money. And the stalls are interesting. We have asked them all to be as interactive as possible. Or on one of our commercial stalls you might buy something".

There will be a big truck and driver ready for cyclists to visit the cab and walk round the lorry, understand where the blind spots are, talk to the driver, collect a handy leaflet full of tips about how and where to ride safely around lorries in London.

And a seat-belt sledge for the really brave. Be your own crash dummy to see how a seat belt stops you.
There are also workshops including:
  • Love Food Hate Waste workshop at 2:30pm
  • Composting workshop for your garden at 3.30pm
  • Didgeridoo workshops
  • Yoga
Well worth coming along to - the event starts at 1300 and finishes at 1700 though doubtless the several bars down alongside the river will keep things going for a few hours after that. Hopefully see you there! More details here.

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