Thursday, 24 June 2010

Education services in H&F Merged with Westminster for "massive savings"

Two top Tory Councils are to merge their education departments, realising "massive savings" to the taxpayer in the process. Our Council alone is looking to realise savings of £55 million over three years with Westminster aiming for a similar amount.

H&F Leader Cllr Stephen Greenhlagh says this: "We will lead the radical revolution in local government that our nation's finances require.We will be tough but fair. Merging our education services will reduce duplication, that is all too common in local government, and drive out needless cost while improving school standards. It is about delivering more for less.
"In times that are tough, this will allow us to focus what money we do have on providing front line services. This is what our residents expect."
Westminster leader Cllr Colin Barrow said: “We all know the economic situation is tough and will get even tougher as public spending continues to be squeezed, as we've seen from the national budget. To live within our means while still providing a high standard of local services means concentrating on what's important and ensuring we continue to care for the most vulnerable".

All sounds fair enough to me, but if it was this simple why haven't we done it before and what are the implications for nurseries primary and secondary schools themselves? And will it mean pooling resources that don't exist in the public sector so we don't keep paying fatcats in posh schools hundreds of thousands of pounds? Details are short on the ground.

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  1. Beware LBHF! Westminster CC has run a notoriously poor & underfunded education service (having lobbied hard in the 1980s to take over from ILEA), see the scrutiny report late last year which eg begged cllrs/ chief officers to at least visit their local schools annually. One result is WCC no longer controls any secondaries in the borough . Meanwhile primaries are v dissatisfied with WCC support & no doubt will look hard at any opt-out options coming from HMG.

    So LBHF (which still has fairly well run education service & good relations with schools) needs to check it is not being invited to pump out a sinking ship.