Monday, 21 June 2010

H&F Council gives £110,000 plus to private schools: Standard

Our Council, this evening's Standard reports today, has given £110,000 of our money to private schools. The list of schools includes our old friends Latymer Upper School , whose coke snorting pupils made the press only weeks ago.

This being the same Council who routinely cuts services to the most vulnerable in the name of balancing the books, unsurprisingly has caused not a little bit of controversy.

Labour Leader Steve Cowan asks this:

"Parents up and down the borough will want to know exactly why this is a priority for the council when it is already saying it needs to cream off £1  million from the education budget for administration costs"

In fairness the Council says much of these costs are to meet the provision of nursery places, and its leader Cllr Greenhalgh also points out that they have recently "shone a light" on all aspects of Council expenditure, with results of most purchases being made public for all to see every quarter. So its hardly something that's being done illicitly, and they should be commended for being transparent. But it does leave a little sour taste.

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