Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Latymer Upper School drugs fame/shame in Bush Hall

A few weeks ago some kids got drunk, went to a bar and took some drugs. Not exactly breaking new ground, these kids, but sadly for them they did it in the presence of their teachers at Bush Hall which the £13,500 a year school had hired for the last day of term prom. (They do that sort of thing at posh schools)

What they also seem to do at posh schools is take cocaine in the toilets and get themselves expelled. To be honest this story first surfaced a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't see the point of writing about it because it was so boring, but the point of this article is to highlight how its suddenly been picked up by the national press as if it had just hapenned!

The righteous Daily Mail is thundering about it here and the Evening Standard is tut-tutting about it here. So there we have it kids; fame for Shepherd's Bush, and shame for Latymer Upper. Another day in the life of the Bush.


  1. 6th Formers drunk at an end of term party - what is the world coming to!

  2. Hilarious.

    There weren't any girls at the school when I left. So no prom either. We just hired a stripper for the departing head of sixth form at the sixth form leaving party...

  3. So this is what Toby Young aspires to in his new 'classical' academy......
    Iain Muir