Thursday, 3 June 2010

"Deranged dance off" at Ginglik, Shepherd's Bush Green

Well, this is quite a review from the 8th birthday celebrations of Ginglik, the venue beneath the Green. You may remember this superb piece of Shepherd's Bush life was threatened by our Council, who wanted to fill it with concrete. Thankfully the local uproar that ensued forced a rethink.

Here's what one visitor to the Bush found .. hot pants in W12? Well I never.

never been to Ginglik, I wander around Shepherd's Bush Green for a fair amount of time before realising that it is in fact beneath the grass and not on top of it.

Walking to a 'Deranged Dance Off', I'm not quite sure what I should be expecting, as battling by means of dance isn't exactly order of the day in London's clubbing scene. So I'm intrigued and determined to partake (from afar) in Ginglik's 8th birthday celebrations.

As I descend Ginglik's stairs, I am faced with a decadently dolled up ballet/cabaret dancer, who hands me a glass of champagne and a gorgeous strawberry and cream cupcake. Not a bad start. To my left I catch a glimpse of a fully fledged boxing ring and an inkling of excitement grips me. A legitimate arena can only mean a legitimate dance off, which can only conclude in legitimate hilarity. The vibe is relaxed and DJs in the arena room are warming us up with tunes ranging from Tru Notion's reggae beats to Kone-R's vintage electro and Rotkappchen's bassier sounds. But for now, it's all about the complimentary glow sticks and friendly chatter.

Finally, we're summoned to the arena by a young man wearing rather tight hot pants. Now read on.

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