Monday, 28 June 2010

Ken Livingstone versus Oona King on Radio 4

Ken Livingstone and Oona King are now the two front runners for the Labour nomination to be Mayor of London, and they were interviewed last week on Radio 4 by W12 resident John Humphrys. Oona's campaign has got off to a stuttering start, with only one newspaper turning up to her media launch - and her first response to John Humphrys question in this interview was cringingly bad. Which he duly pointed out.

Politically, with Boris having confirmed he is now going to re-stand, the next Mayor is either going to be Boris or whoever wins this contest. The LibDems actually lost ground in London at the general election and their tryst with the Tories seems to be proving unpopular even with their own members, let alone voters.

So I just hope Oona picks up her game soon, because for the Bush it surely can't be a good thing that our radical Council doesn't have a check or balance at London level, now they definately don't at national level. The Goldhawk Road Inquiry would never have hapenned if a Conservative government had been in place, for example. And frankly I just don't think Ken can win again.

So come on Oona, at least put up a fight. Listen to the interview below:

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