Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bush Market row reaches Boris

The cowboy work which has left our market in a mess has been picked up at the GLA with two questions being tabled for Mayor Boris Johnson about it. Some eagle eyed Assembly Members have been scouring this blog because the questions use my description of the work - shoddy.

The ShoddyGate Questions are due to be answered in the fortnight beginning Monday 14th June. Boris is of course ultimately in charge of Transport for London who own the land on which the Market is based and are responsible for hiring the cheapo contractors who delivered the masterpiece path - with a cutting edge design. Very cutting edge judging by the bits of sharp metal that jut out dangerously along the sides and at each end. Not so cutting edge accounting though - they'll have to spend all the money they saved going for a cheapo contractor fixing the mess they've left behind, instead of laying the decent path the Market deserved in the first place.

I'll bring you the answers when they come, but bear in mind Boris can sometimes avoid questions that he finds awkward for a very long time..

Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrats at the London Assembly, has asked the following questions:

19. “Shoddy” work in Shepherds Bush (1)
There have been recent media reports regarding the market traders in Shepherds Bush being furious about “shoddy” works carried out on TfL land which runs through Shepherds Bush market. What action has TfL taken in rectifying this?

20. “Shoddy” work in Shepherds Bush (2)
Will you investigate why the market traders in Shepherds Bush seem so unhappy about the expensive works that have been carried out on the path that runs through the market, and also investigate why the costs were so high for this job in the first place?

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