Thursday, 20 May 2010

Shepherd's Bush Market: shoddy work condemned

£87,000 of our money appears to have been wasted on cowboy builders who have made a complete mess of the work they were commissioned to do by Transport for London, who own the land on which Shepherd's Bush Market operates. This is an excellent example of good local stories by the Fulham Chronicle.

Market traders were expecting a decent new path through the market but all they got was a cheapo tarmac thing with bits of metal sticking out forming trip-hazards for traders and customers alike. (I've nicked the picture from the Fulham Chronicle)

Just like the cowboy work I reported on which blighted the Green last year (and in fairness which was jumped on by the Council after it came to light here) this lot seems to represent an utter waste of money and a classic example of the short sightedness of TFL.

Presumably they didn't opt for the nicer path that would have made the Market better because there was a cheaper option available. But now they're probably going to have to spend just as much as they would have done laying down a decent path just fixing the crappy workmanship that their cheapo contractor HA Marks have left us with. On their website HA Marks say this:

"We are committed to continuous professional development and as a result are able to create better solutions for our clients"

Er, right.

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