Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bush Police offer to "immobilise" your property!

Shepherds Bush Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be running an Immobilise Registration Scheme each Saturday for the next five weeks.

They will encourage local residents/visitors to the area to register their mobile phones, laptop computers and pedal cycles onto which is a site the Met Police will check when any stolen property is recovered.

Officers will have access to a laptop computer and will encourage members of public to register their item of property via a process that takes no more than 4 minutes. Officers will also hand out leaflets and 24/7 contact details for the site.

Venues: Costa Coffee Shepherds Bush Green 1130hrs - 1330hrs & Starbucks Shepherds Bush Green  1330hrs - 

The team have also written to various local traders encouraging them to get customers to register their property with the above website. Here's a copy of the letter: 
A police spokesperson said, "We would encourage as many people as possible to attend these venues or go directly to the website to register their property. When Police recover suspected stolen property, they will check this website. If an owner is traced we can obtain vital evidence that may lead to a conviction in court"

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  1. Yes and the joy of this system is that if the information ever leaks the criminals will have an exact list of your valuables. No thanks.