Thursday, 6 May 2010

Where is your polling station?

Here they all are, so you have no excuse not to vote! And click here to find out which station you should go to.

Whatever you do, whoever you vote for, please for goodness sakes get out and cast your ballot if you haven't done by post already. The Battle of the Bush is at a close. One last time, you can read what Andy Slaughter the Labour candidate said here, what Shaun Bailey the Conservative candidate said here and what Merlene Emerson the Liberal Democrat candidate said here. You can watch them on video addressing you here.

You have four votes. One is for those standing to be our MP (one vote) and three for those standing to be your ward councillor (three votes)

This election in our neighbourhood is on a knife edge - so every vote counts. It will change the face of Shepherd's Bush in the next few years - so have your say or don't complain about anything afterwards.

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